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Cantina 1Lonigo


Point of Contact:

Will Bruzzo

Tel: (714) 547-4636

Contact for Sale in Europe: 

Alan Bruzzo

Tel 011 39 0444 86-8055

10 Via Cavallo
San Germando Dei Berici
Vicenza, Italia



Vineyard Description

Location: San Germano Dei Berici, Province of Vicenza. 1 hour due west of Venice; 45 minutes from Verona; 40 minutes from Vicenza; 15 minutes from major highway. The property rests in the Colli Berici Hills.

Altitude: 200 meters

Property size and Vineyard Characteristics: 22.5 acres (9.15 Hectars) total size; 12.35 acres (5 Hectars) of vineyard; 9.8 acres (4 Hectars) of woods. 15-100 year old vineyards. The Winery does not use irrigation.


Types of Grapes: Merlot, Cabernet Franc (Carmenere), Sangiovese, Chardonnay and Tocai Rosso (local grape related to Grenache and Cannonao).

Structures: Main House- 2 story Farm House, 3-4 feet thick walls. Rustic and Beautiful. 5400 sq. ft.(502 sq. m.) total; 2900 sq. ft. residential (268 sq. mt); 11 rooms; 2 kitchens; 4 water closets, 2 bath; 2 fireplaces; marble and tile floors, wood burning furnace; 1500 sq. ft. (140 sq. m) storage area (2 rooms), currently used for wine production, barrel and bottle storage. Attic: 1000 sq.ft. (94 sq. mt.)-2 rooms cement floor and stair access.

Tavern: 688 sq. ft. (64 sq. mt.) fireplace and woodburning pizza oven. Excellent for entertaining groups of 10-20 people.
Apartment: 1500 sq.ft. (140 2 story, adjacent to large tiled patio area.

Wine Cellar/Tasting Room: 3000 sq. ft. (279 sq. mt.); Cotto style floor, room for barrel storage and reception for large tasting groups, multi-stall bathrooms, storage area with central cupola for natural lighting.

Garage: 900 sq. ft (86 sq. mt) metal roofed structure for tractor parking and farm implement storage.

Wine Capacity and Type: 44, 250 liters total capacity-8 Stainless Steel tanks-26,000 liters total capacity- 2 of 6000 liters, 2 of 4000 liters, 2 of 3000 liters, 2 of 300 liters.
French Oak- 11,250 total capacity-50 barrels at 225 liters each.
Fiberglass- 7,000 total capacity-holding tanks- 2 of 3000 liters, 1 of 1000 liters.

Farm Implements: 2 Tractors (Hurliman-2004, Lamborghini-1974), includes excavator and jackhammer tractor attachments; 500 liter atomizer sprayer and grass cutter with retractable arm.




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